Monday, February 1, 2010

Battle of the Bands

I was set to be a chaperon for a bunch of HS kids on a trip to ATL to see the Honda Battle of the Bands. The weather decided to try and cause our trip to be cancelled. Fortunately, the snow and ice didn't quite cause enough chaos to cancel the trip. It did however put us behind schedule by a few hours. The bus company then decided to help the weather and the bus didn't show up. After many calls we found out that the driver ran into thick traffic and decided to turn around. Seriously? He turned around because of traffic? Shouldn't a bus driver be used to traffic? Thankfully, we hunted down another bus and got the trip back on the road. After a long drive to ATL we ran into the Georgia Dome since we were running late. 8 marching bands from HBCU colleges came to entertain us and Ludacris did a quick show in the middle of it all. The show was really amazing! Ludracris was off the hook! It is amazing to see these huge marching bands play while doing elaborate marches. After the show we walked the kids to Hard Rock Cafe for some food before loading them onto the bus headed home. Hard Rock isn't really my thing but they are great with the kids. The kids had a lot of fun and really enjoyed themselves. I didn't get home until LATE LATE LATE so Sunday was a sleep in day. I did get up to take care of the dogs and make some food but it was mostly a TV day in bed.

A friend of mine gave me a heads up to a cool show in ATL later this month. It looks like I might be heading back there again. LOL There is an awesome show called Nuclear Cowboyz. It combines freestyle motocross with theatrical production. It is like Mad Max on acid. My kind of place. If I do get there I will have a big report on it. :)

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