Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big day

Today is a big day. I am suiting up for an onsite interview. It is
with a good company with great growth potential. Most of all it would
be a much needed change in my life. The money bucket is getting to be
a little too low for my comfort. I need to rebuild my nest egg and get
back to school after what seems like forever.
On a side note, I have realized that working it out with the ex-
girlfriend is not going to happen. How do you work things out with
someone who is already dating someone else and crashing at each others
houses? She keeps telling me that she wants me back and to just move
home but in the next sentence talks about how she and the new guy were
at her moms talking with her. Seriously? All I see is a woman that is
afraid to be alone. I can't even think about sleeping next to someone
else and she is introducing him to everyone she knows. Oh well. I need
to focus on today's big meeting.
Say a prayer for me.

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