Saturday, August 7, 2010


Once again the results of my procrastination stare me I'm the face. I decided that I needed to get into better shape because I was the heaviest I have ever been and I didn't feel very fit at all. In order to make sure I keep going to the gym and becoming more healthy I decide that I should sign up for a sprint triathlon. That would surely keep me on track......right? Wrong. I did pretty good with training in the beginning but then work got to be hectic and school started and took more time than I had thought. Oh yeah, did I mention that I had decided to go back to college too? I wonder what goes on in the decision making part of my brain sometimes. I allowed these to push out the training and kept thinking "OK, I will pick it back up soon. I am just behind right now. Plenty of time before the event". Here I sit now, two days before the event and relatively no training. I did do a 3.2 mile walk with jogging on the downhill parts just to see if I could even pull that off. I was able to even though it was rough on me. I have now decided that I signed up for this event so I am going to do it. This is the punishment I get for not following the plan. My goal is really just to complete the sprint tri in under the cut off of 3 hours.

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