Thursday, December 2, 2010

Motivation lost and then found.

I have been having a big problem with motivation lately.  It has up and vanished in the middle of the night like a one night stand sneaking out after a long night of dirty good times.  Just when I thought it was gone for good, Fatty saves the day!  He has come up with the Lose 10 Pounds By Christmas challenge.  It is a pretty simple concept on paper.  You have from now until Christmas to lose at least 10 pounds. No problem right? Yeah right.  We are in the middle of the biggest eating holiday known to man.  What about Thanksgivings you say? HA, I laugh at your naive thinking.  Thanksgiving is ONE day of big eating.  I know it is a lot of eating on that one day but it is still just one.  The Christmas season (which I love) goes on and on and on.  Christmas parties that are loaded with all kinds of sweets, treats, and meats (odd I know but it rhymed). Co-workers and friends baking cookies and pies and other scrumptious delights that you cannot refuse. How can you compare a month of this to one day of turkey and trimmings?  Now imagine trying to lose 10 pounds under those circumstances.  Not so easy peasy lemon squeezy now is it smarty pants? No it isn't, not at all.  Fatty knows this and decided to sweeten the deal. Not that losing 10 pounds during Christmas isn't enough of reward for anyone but Fatty has graciously decided to throw in some prizes to be randomly awarded to some lucky winners that were able to conquer this challenge.  Can you imagine losing 10 pounds during the holiday season AND win a jersey (some signed by various cyclist and some brand new), shirt, water bottles, or one of the other excellent rewards?  Apparently many more than he thought possible saw themselves in the drive to drop pounds.  Fatty thought that maybe a handful of dedicated Team Fatty members would come forward to walk with him in this journey but he got a huge shock. There have been over 1100 comments on that post about his challenge and more than 800 people attempting his challenge.  Team Fatty has truly united to support each other to lose the weight.  Poor Fatty has a serious spreadsheet nightmare to keep track of now. I need to go dig out my 4 leafed clover for this one.

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  1. Ah, Red. You always make me smile. My goal this holiday season is to not gain any weight. No way I could ever lose any. Good luck. What ever happened to the sombrero and speedos?