Tuesday, January 25, 2011

work work work

Last weekend I had to fly to MA to integrate a company that we had purchased.  First I have to say that it was FREEZING!!!  Holy crap I couldn't believe how frozen I felt on a short walk to the car.  I do not know how in the world people deal with that kind of cold.  The integration had some issues that were unrelated to my group.  It was a bunch of 16 hour days of busting tail to get it all done but we got all the systems integrated into our systems.  Sadly, we had to cancel our planned day of snowmobiling due to the other group causing everything to fall behind. Thanks guys! It was nice to get back home last night and sleep in my own bed.  I was able to get good sleep but it didn't feel like nearly enough this morning when I had to wake up. I was happy to get a workout in after work.  It really beat me down but it was much needed and felt great.  Now off to bed.

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