Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wiped out!

It has been a rough week at work and I have been staying up too late.  I think I paid for that during my workout today.  My workouts have been getting better and I feel like I am improving.  I am still doing the couch 2 5k program and so far I am adapting quickly to the increased running each week.  Thanks to my Garmin FR60 I can see that I am going faster and farther every time I run.  I feel like my breathing is getting better which really helps at the end of the run.  Yesterday I ran 2.6 miles in the 30 minute walk/run couch 2 5k program and I didn't feel like I was dying.  Don't get me wrong, I was tired when I was done but I didn't want to throw running in the dumpster and throw a match in behind it.  The bike tonight was beyond draining!! I have been riding the stationary bike at the gym because my workout partner doesn't have his road bike yet.  I think I am going to have to start riding the Felt on the trainer (or outside once I find a route that doesn't have monster hills) because I am hating the stationary bike.  It doesn't let me adjust it enough and I do not feel comfortable on it at all.  I need to be riding the bike that I will be on for my triathlons and century rides this year.  That is why I got the new saddle for it after all.  That brings us to swimming.  I have not been swimming since October.  That needs to change for sure but I need to find a pool.  I was using my sisters pool but the pump is crapping out on them and now they are moving in May and probably won't be replacing it.  So, I need a new pool to swim in.  I think I have found one that is in the area that I am planning to move into but I don't want to join it just yet because it isn't that close to where I am now.  I plan to check with them and see if I can do some day passes so I can swim on the weekend.  I have to shake the rust off by March 27th when I do the first sprint tri of the season.  It's only 250 yards but I want to be strong for it.
Side note: I got a new mountain bike thanks to my company.  Thanks company!

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