Thursday, April 28, 2011

3 Things Thursday

I am wicked tired and have work to get done before I can crash out tonight so I have decided to steal the 3 Things Thursday idea.  I can get a post up and you can learn a little about me. Careful with that though, you don't want get caught up in that quicksand. ;)

1. My newest niece is the cutest thing in the world.  How awesome is her little sock monkey hat? I am actually a little jealous of it.  All of my 7 nieces are beautiful sweet (most of the time) girls.  My nephew is a wild little maniac that I also love.

2. There is something about luchadores that is awesome!! On a trip to San Antonio I bought myself a luchador mask.  I break it out when I am feeling goofy or it is battle time.  I think I would like to run a race in it sometime this year.  I will add that to the must do list!  Who is with me?

 3. I really really really really miss my trips to Paris.  That was the best thing about my old job.  I was able to travel to Europe a ton! I would hot Paris at least 5 times a year, not to mention London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Stockholm.  The picture above was from a spring picnic in the Gardens of Versailles.  Great friends, food, and best of all WINE!  The greatest thing was that my friend Shana Banana lives in Paris so I always got to see Paris from a locals view.  She is a great friend that I totally miss and always makes the perfect bite.

I have a sprint triathlon on Sunday.  We will see how much I can improve my time from the race I did at the end of March.  Then I will analyze my performance, realize I need to train harder and push hard to be stronger and faster for my June sprint triathlon.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I had no idea that there were longhorn cattle in the area until I happened upon them during my hill ride last week.  I had to pull off to the side and take a picture of one of them.

Monday, April 18, 2011

No more excuses

After seeing all the tweets and blog entries from everyone running and cheering at the Boston Marathon I realized that I need to stop with the excuses and push myself to stick to the training.  The race doesn't wait for me to stop being sick and get back to my training.  I also got last weeks totals for my workouts and I was shamed.  This is not the vision that I had for myself this year at all.  Plus, the race date arrives whether I am ready or not.  So it is time to get ready! I put on my big boy biking shorts and rode the 12 miles that were on the training for today.  A quick side note here; my Pearl Izumi bike shorts were not nearly as comfortable and awesome as my Twin Six bibs.  I need to get myself more of those.  Tonight was a nice easy spin on the trainer and the legs felt pretty good.  It was a little sucky when the cough drop I was using to keep from coughing dropped out of my mouth when I was pushing it and breathing a little hard.  Every time I would get a tickle in my throat I would look down and see that partially used cough drop just laying there taunting me.  There was no stopping to get it or another one.  Remember, no more excuses, only getting the job done. So I pedaled a little faster to get those miles behind me so I could get something to kill off that damned throat tickle.  I was able to distract myself from the tickle by watching High Fidelity.   That is a great movie with a killer cast and a rocking soundtrack.
Top Five Places you want to visit.
New Zealand
South Africa

What are your top five places that you want to visit?

Training fail this weekend.

This weekend was a training black hole.  I am feeling very weak about the whole thing.  Sunday was scheduled to be a rest day but Saturday I was suppose to do a 20 mile ride on the bike.  This chest cold has really been kicking my tail and I had a slam packed weekend.  The ride just got away from me in the middle of everything else that was going on.  The good news is that I was able to help my brother-in-law out with a lot of work at the house that needed to be done so they can sell the house and move to MI.  I also was able to spend a lot of time with my nieces over the weekend which I love.  I will miss them so much when they move to the great white north.  Back to the subject (I wander as you can see).  When I had failed to get the ride in on Saturday I told myself I would get up early on Sunday and do the ride before church.  I passed out hard Saturday night without taking my cough medicine.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  I woke up at some point during the night and was in an awful coughing fit.  Once it let up enough I quickly took that but had to wait forever for it to kill off the coughing.  So much for a night a peaceful sleep.  Hopefully I will get that tonight.  I cannot wait for this chest cold to be gone so I can get back to some hard training.  My run still sucks and I can't get a run in without hacking a lung.  The bike is doing better and I am feeling pretty good about that.  I guess I just have to keep at it and do the best that I can.

What do you do about training when you are sick?  Do you slow down at all or just continue training like nothing is happening?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Training sick

I finally managed to drag my lazy butt out of the bed this morning and ride an easy 10 miles on the trainer since it was still dark out there.  I keep thinking I should get a light for Ginger (my bike) so that I can ride in the o'dark early hours.  There are so many options out there for lights.  It is tough to decide what to go with.  I was still feeling drained during the ride but I averaged almost 18 mph over the 10 miles which I feel pretty good with.  I am happy that my speed is increasing.  By the end of this month I should be in shape enough to start doing group rides with a couple cycling groups in the area.  While I have ridden a motorcycle in large groups, I have never ridden a bicycle in a large group.  I think it will be very educational but I am hoping that I pick it up quick and don't cause issues (crashes, yo-yo effect). I also got a weights workout in after work.  I am starting to feel a difference from them.  My swim is getting more solid for sure.
Some great news to report today! My application on a rental house was accepted and I will be moving closer to Charlotte in May.  I am currently out in the boonies where not very much happens.  The new place is 10-15 minutes from the center of Charlotte and right in the middle of where all the tri clubs like to do groups rides and runs.  Plus there is a gym close by with 2 indoor pools so I can swim before work now. WOOHOO!!
Do you ride your bike in the dark?  If so, what do you recommend for a light?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have been infected with a super evil gorilla sitting on my chest fill my lungs with phlegm cause me to hack until I see stars and feel like passing out oogey sickness.  I tried to sleep, take a ton of vitamins, and flush it with a ton of water but that didn't work at all.  It started to effect my training so I made a doctors appt.  The first thing they did was take blood.  I know you don't realize this yet but I am not a huge fan of having blood taken.  A quick listen to my lungs and the doc gave me antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine.  The cough syrup is KEY! I have been lucky enough to have been born into a family that has the genetic predisposition to hernias.  I know, it's like winning the lottery right?  Some of you are probably thinking, What? That's crazy?  Oh yeah, tell me how 3 regular hernias and a hiatal hernia.  There is only one other hernia that I haven't had (something with the belly button).  Anyway, massive coughing attacks led to the last two hernias so I am very quick to kill it off with as much force as I can find.  I tried to run today and made it about 1/2 of a mile before I thought I was going to pass out I was coughing so hard.  I kid you not, I literally saw stars.  I am hoping these drugs kill it quickly!  I need to get back on track with my training.  I feel like I am so far behind already.  Well, my head is a swimmy from the cough medicine so I am going to pass out now.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I know, I am totally slacking on updates.  I need to post about my first sprint tri of the season but I have a new project coming online, I am trying to find a new place to live, and spend time with my sweet nieces before they move to Michigan in a month.  I promise I will get it all posted up this week.  On a good note, I went to signup for my 3rd and 4th race for the season and found out that the 3rd race in my schedule was...........SOLD OUT! WHAT?!?! Sold out? How in the world did that happen.  After an email to the event coordinator I discovered that the my LBS Inside Out Sports had entries for the race.  All I had to do is go down there and pay the money for my entry.  That my friends is exactly what I did.  I got down there as fast as I could and saved the 3rd race on my race schedule.