Thursday, April 28, 2011

3 Things Thursday

I am wicked tired and have work to get done before I can crash out tonight so I have decided to steal the 3 Things Thursday idea.  I can get a post up and you can learn a little about me. Careful with that though, you don't want get caught up in that quicksand. ;)

1. My newest niece is the cutest thing in the world.  How awesome is her little sock monkey hat? I am actually a little jealous of it.  All of my 7 nieces are beautiful sweet (most of the time) girls.  My nephew is a wild little maniac that I also love.

2. There is something about luchadores that is awesome!! On a trip to San Antonio I bought myself a luchador mask.  I break it out when I am feeling goofy or it is battle time.  I think I would like to run a race in it sometime this year.  I will add that to the must do list!  Who is with me?

 3. I really really really really miss my trips to Paris.  That was the best thing about my old job.  I was able to travel to Europe a ton! I would hot Paris at least 5 times a year, not to mention London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Stockholm.  The picture above was from a spring picnic in the Gardens of Versailles.  Great friends, food, and best of all WINE!  The greatest thing was that my friend Shana Banana lives in Paris so I always got to see Paris from a locals view.  She is a great friend that I totally miss and always makes the perfect bite.

I have a sprint triathlon on Sunday.  We will see how much I can improve my time from the race I did at the end of March.  Then I will analyze my performance, realize I need to train harder and push hard to be stronger and faster for my June sprint triathlon.

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