Monday, April 18, 2011

No more excuses

After seeing all the tweets and blog entries from everyone running and cheering at the Boston Marathon I realized that I need to stop with the excuses and push myself to stick to the training.  The race doesn't wait for me to stop being sick and get back to my training.  I also got last weeks totals for my workouts and I was shamed.  This is not the vision that I had for myself this year at all.  Plus, the race date arrives whether I am ready or not.  So it is time to get ready! I put on my big boy biking shorts and rode the 12 miles that were on the training for today.  A quick side note here; my Pearl Izumi bike shorts were not nearly as comfortable and awesome as my Twin Six bibs.  I need to get myself more of those.  Tonight was a nice easy spin on the trainer and the legs felt pretty good.  It was a little sucky when the cough drop I was using to keep from coughing dropped out of my mouth when I was pushing it and breathing a little hard.  Every time I would get a tickle in my throat I would look down and see that partially used cough drop just laying there taunting me.  There was no stopping to get it or another one.  Remember, no more excuses, only getting the job done. So I pedaled a little faster to get those miles behind me so I could get something to kill off that damned throat tickle.  I was able to distract myself from the tickle by watching High Fidelity.   That is a great movie with a killer cast and a rocking soundtrack.
Top Five Places you want to visit.
New Zealand
South Africa

What are your top five places that you want to visit?

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  1. Ive been to three of those 5 places! Australia being my all time favorite though!

    Great job getting in the miles...but make sure you get rid of the sickness or else it is going to follow you all season!