Saturday, April 16, 2011

Training sick

I finally managed to drag my lazy butt out of the bed this morning and ride an easy 10 miles on the trainer since it was still dark out there.  I keep thinking I should get a light for Ginger (my bike) so that I can ride in the o'dark early hours.  There are so many options out there for lights.  It is tough to decide what to go with.  I was still feeling drained during the ride but I averaged almost 18 mph over the 10 miles which I feel pretty good with.  I am happy that my speed is increasing.  By the end of this month I should be in shape enough to start doing group rides with a couple cycling groups in the area.  While I have ridden a motorcycle in large groups, I have never ridden a bicycle in a large group.  I think it will be very educational but I am hoping that I pick it up quick and don't cause issues (crashes, yo-yo effect). I also got a weights workout in after work.  I am starting to feel a difference from them.  My swim is getting more solid for sure.
Some great news to report today! My application on a rental house was accepted and I will be moving closer to Charlotte in May.  I am currently out in the boonies where not very much happens.  The new place is 10-15 minutes from the center of Charlotte and right in the middle of where all the tri clubs like to do groups rides and runs.  Plus there is a gym close by with 2 indoor pools so I can swim before work now. WOOHOO!!
Do you ride your bike in the dark?  If so, what do you recommend for a light?

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