Friday, May 13, 2011

Back to it

I seem to have found my way out of the darkness that had me absent from workouts. (side-note
: as I types that the lights went off. I guess I need to move around more) I feel like I am relatively settled into to the new place. Don't be crazy and think everything is unpacked, setup, and tidy because it isn't. But I do feel like I know where my basic necessities are and I can function again. So far only 1 plate, 1 shot glass, and 1 vase has broken. Not too bad I guess. I found a nice 20 mile cycling route up to the lake that I am going to try out this weekend. It should be just what I need to kick off the return to workout tour. I an finally over the sickness that plagued me for a month so it is time. My workout partner has finally returned from 3 weeks of work travel and he is in need of getting back on the workout train as well. Plus hr just got a bee bike so I know he is ready to do some pedaling.
I also need to get to the grocery store so I can start eating right again. I have been craving some green smoothies thanks to Frayed Laces

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