Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday week!

Last week was my birthday week.  It was pretty low key which was good since I have so much going with work, my moving, and my sister and her family moving.  My family and some friends made dinner for me which was excellent.  I did get fussed at a little bit because apparently I was late.  Of course nobody ever told me what time this thing was kicking off so how was I supposed to know?  I had to mow the lawn at my brother in-law's house since he is traveling so much and they were trying to sell it.  They actually just accepted an offer on it this weekend.  Clearly it was because of the excellent job I did on the lawn.  Anyway, I told them to settle down and that I would be there as soon as I was done.  It was my birthday after all.  The other good thing this last week was that I have gotten back on track with my workouts.  The early morning workouts have been the toughest.  Totally worth it once I am done but crawling out of the bed is near impossible some days.  I just have to keep reminding myself that it will be worth it in the long run.  I also got a 21 mile ride in on Saturday which felt better than I thought it would.  I averaged a 16.5 mile an hour pace.  Once I find my Garmin USB ANT stick I can upload last weeks data.  Of course I ended up with a sweet cycling tan on my arms.  Redheads do not tan at all.  We go right from white to red.

The place is still full of boxes.  Right now I am more concerned with spending time with my nieces than I am unpacking boxes.  I am going to miss those sweet little monkeys.  I was over at their house today to help my brother in-law get a few things done.  I ended up watching the girls so they could swim in the pool.  Of course I didn't even think to bring my suit so I couldn't get in the water with them. I had to settle with sitting on the side trying to keep myself in whatever shade I could find.  Near the end of it I thought I was going to melt.  It was worth it to watch them have so much fun.

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