Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A long work week ahead

I have a long work week ahead of me.  I am supporting a work event for some executives so I am stuck in a hotel all week working 14-16 hour days.  Plus I have to fit in school work and training during all of this fun.
Doesn't everyone have their bike on a trainer in their hotel room?  I would love to go ride outside but I can't be gone from the hotel that long just in case one of the big boys needs anything.  It isn't all bad though.  They feed you well and make sure there is plenty of wine in the evenings.
There are also these geese that have decided that one of the planters on the balcony is their private clubhouse.  If you go out on their side of the patio they honk and hiss at you until you go back to the other side of the patio.  It is pretty funny to watch.
Does anyone else take their bikes to the hotel with them? How do you keep to your training when you are traveling?

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