Friday, May 6, 2011

Moving time!

The work event I have been at all week finally ended and I was able to go home.  Now I get to PACK!! Well, finish packing.  I have to pick up the U haul at 7am so that we can get started at 8am.  Hopefully it will be quick and easy and very uneventful.  My internet is being installed on Sunday which means I will have 24 hours without being able to use my computer.  Thankfully I will have my iPhone to save me.  Right now I am going to crash out and get some much needed sleep.
A little glimpse into the awesomeness that is me before I go.  One of the fun bonding events they did this weekend was a pit crew challenge.  Each team had 5 people.  One guy handles the jack two have the airguns and two handle the tires.  It was a very interesting to learn the different jobs and then actually run through it.  I was on the winning team that set the all time record of 54 seconds.  That is pretty fast to change 4 tires. Or so I thought before they let us know that a NASCAR team does it in 14 seconds.  Really?!?! 14 seconds is crazy fast.  I have no idea how they pull that off at all.  Anyway, I got a sweet trophy for my kickass performance.  Oh yeah, that's right.  Of course I should have been given a 6 foot tall monster trophy for keeping away from desserts like this chocolate cake.

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