Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So many boxes!

I thought I had reduced that amount of "stuff" that I had over the last few moves.  Well, I KNOW that I have but it still seems like a TON of stuff.  With school and work (I can't even say training because that has gone to hell in a hand basket (who in the world came up with that saying and what were they drinking)) I have had little time or energy to deal with the boxes.  I unpacked about three clothes boxes yesterday.  Today I did much better by unpacking 4 kitchen boxes and loading the dishwasher and running it.  The dishwasher is OLD!! It is one of those portable kinds that you can disconnect and move around.  I get what the need was back in the day but it is totally strange to see one now.  Needless to say it is not whisper quiet but more like garage thrash band.  

Anyway, slowly the place will get unpacked and put into shape. I am still working out the best place for all the different things that I have for my kitchen.  You know if you put the glasses or silverware in the wrong place it will bug you after a few weeks.  At least it would bug me. 

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