Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another day....

Today was chock full of meetings which I am not really a big fan of.  I know that some people like meetings and would have them all day long if they had a choice but to me it feels like it's a day of talking about being productive but not actually being productive.  Plus, it always seems like meetings bring the retardation out of your fellow co-workers and you just want to just over the table at them and snuff them out.  Anyway........Once I left it was quickly a much better day.  When I got home I managed to unpack a few more boxes (clearly I am in no rush).  I found the wok that I was looking for last night which made me pretty happy which is probably a little weird but I was so sue me.  After I got tired of unpacking (two whole boxes) I remembered that I am supposed to be riding 500 miles in June thanks to a few ladies on Twitter.  LauraKatie, and Susan decided that they should ride 500 miles in June and we nice enough to let me join in on the self punishment.  I am a little behind with only 10 miles on the books since I was out of town on vacation in FL and I have been slacking.  So I jumped on the trainer and rode 20 miles to bring the total up to 30 miles.
My view for 20 miles.

It felt good to ride 20 miles while watching Killers.  I need to learn to stretch a lot better because my calves started to tighten up a lot and started to feel like they wanted to cramp up when I started to push hard.  I managed to get the 20 miles done in about 59 minutes.  After that I cooked up some veggies and scarfed them down while being eyed by my two beagles.  Once I was finished and they realized that they weren't getting fed any people food, they crashed out while I knocked out some homework.  Now, it is time to crash.

Want to join the 500 miles in June?  You know you want to join in all the fun.  It trends as #500MIJ on Twitter.

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