Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Training recap

Here is my training recap for the last week.

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Run 35 minutes - my "run" is still very rough.  My cardio is in serious need of improvement.

Wednesday: Swim 1000 meters
                    Warm up: 100m
                     Sighting drill: 4 x 50 m (w/ 30 sec rest)
                     Freestyle swim: 3 x 200m (w/ 45 sec rest)
                     Cool down: 100m

Thursday: Weight training: 80 min
                 Brick -Bike 1 hour (20 miles); Run 13 min (1 mile)

Friday: Night Out

Saturday: Bike 25 miles 1:40 (first real group ride)

Sunday: Swim 1400 m
             Warm up: 200m
              Flutter kick drills: 4 x 50m (30 sec rest)
              Freestyle swim: 2 x 200m (1 min rest)
              Fartlek swim: 400 meters (50 hard, 50easy)
              Cool down: 200m

OK, so Friday was supposed to be a run day but I didn't wake up early and then work got crazy and I had to meet people out that night to see the band Live so it was sacrificed.  All I hear in my head when I don't workout in the morning is a quote I saw on Sweaty Emily's page that said "I never regret a morning workout but I regret every morning I don’t workout."  I head my head in shame now. 
This is a new week and today is a rest day which for the first time has made me feel antsy.  I have a lot of mile to catch up on for #500MIJ and I wanted to do something but I am sticking to the plan and following the rest days.
One last thing, I am in need of donations for the LIVESTRONG Davis event on July 10th.  Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated and goes to a good cause. Plus it allows me to ride a 70 mile cycling event with Team Fatty!  Thanks for your help.

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